Breaking The Barriers, Promoting Female Entrepreneurship – LeanTrack

Aspiring Female Entreprenrus seating along side their mentors

Everyone has been talking about development in the field of startups and how people are taking up entrepreneurship as their profession.

A problem that is still itched in the process of transformation is lack of participation by female entrepreneurs. Only 1/3 of the entrepreneurs around the globe are female.. Entrepreneurship is still considered as a male-dominated field, and it may be difficult to surpass these conventional views. Other than dealing with the dominant stereotype, female entrepreneurs are facing several obstacles related to their businesses.

But the stereotype in the field of entrepreneurship being considered as a male-dominated field is on the change. There have been activities conducted to bring up the aspiring female entrepreneurs and motivate them.

Let us brief on one of the startup meet exclusively for female entrepreneurs. An event hosted by LeanTrack in association with Womenite and Lean IN India at The Founder’s Cafe, Okhla,  they wish to create enough opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship so that it is a common acceptable career option for females while choosing their profession.

LeanTrack is a student startup community and mentoring portal and the event was the first of LeanTrack.

It was a through networking session with a vision to see a rise in the number of women in the startup ecosystem.

The event had Lean IN India’s chapter Founder Rashmeet Kaur and Mr. Vishal, Founder and Mr. Shubham Kumar, Founder LeanTrack as mentors/speakers who were present to network with the young females and give them an insight into the startup ecosystem as well as providing them with necessary support to start-up. All the attendees are assured of complete support for their startup from LeanTrack and all its associate partners.


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