Proper Guide on ‘How and Where To Buy Bitcoins in India’ –


In this article, we will be talking about an electronic currency that has got the whole world talking, and has left people wanting to own a pie of the ever growing chart.

In 2011, a peer to peer electronic currency without any point of contact with authority or bank was created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

It grew by 1000% in just five days of its circulation with its value increasing from $0.008 to $0.08. The growth is yet to reach its peak and individual/Companies have started to use bitcoin for online payment purposes.

The move taken by individuals and companies has helped in positive circulation of Bitcoin along with the demand of the coin in public.

Well,  Let us inform you on How Can You Buy Bitcoins in India’.

There are altogether more than 5 exchanges in India and here, we will talk about 5 of the best of lot.

  • Pocket Bits – A platform that has the lowest service fee along with the live feed of price updates. This helps in doing real time trading without losing much on either side of transactions.
  • ZebPay – The first platform in India to allowed trading in bitcoin. It has been recently accused of high transaction fees and also actual price difference when compared to international wallets.
  • Local BitCoins – It is said to be the cheapest source of bitcoins in India in terms of transaction fee. The platform isn’t much spoken about on public forums and can add up the danger of loosing your collection.
  • UnoCoin – It has now come into the limelight and is been recommended by people across public platforms as the most trustable source as well as the cheapest source to buy bitcoins.
  • CoinSecure – Another platform that has been in the limelight lately on public forums for its trust and low cost transaction fee/time.

The Process of Buying Bitcoins in India

  • The above said wallets have their own apps on PlayStore, so you can download and create an account in the app.
  • You need to provide your ID proof, Address proof and Bank Account Details to successfully register on any of the app.
  • Once you have completed registration, it generally takes 24-48 hours for the verification process to be completed.
  • After getting verified, you can start trading in Bitcoins.


Note –

  • Bitcoin is not regulated in India by any government authority
  • We don’t guarantee any increase/decrease in prices of bitcoin.





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