Because Sometimes ‘Now’ Is The Only Thing I Have: ‘Because You Need This’


Because You Need This’ by Nikhil Shrivastava is an insightful work full of topics and experiences that will encourage readers on their journey of self-discovery, where they can see themselves evolving into deeper and wider fields of understanding and happiness.

It is a non-fiction book on how to change one’s mindset and incorporate positivity in daily life. The book starts off with a short introduction on how we, as human beings, are naturally wired to anticipate the negative due to our evolutionary history of survival in extreme conditions. Nikhil states that, with training and tips, one can condition one’s mind to reflect and focus on the positive things rather than the negative.

The short stories are direct and honest and give readers the opportunity to look at the nuances of life and understand that these are calls to the soul to discover new things.

It is difficult to pick any particular topic as they all have different messages for readers and will lead them to greater success in many ways.

The book reaches out to everyone and offers good advice on positivity, love, breakups , handling failure ,soul nurturing, and a greater sense of personal value.

‘Because You Need This’  is a well-written and well-presented book that is clear and easy to follow. I liked how simple it was to move through this book and, in fact, the sections can be read in any order, although I would recommend reading them in the order in which they are written.

Now what are you waiting for? simply buy the book online- ‘Because you need this’ !! !! 😉

Because You Need This

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