Be The Biggest ChangeMaker For Your Ownself – University Of Commons Future Summit ’17


A person who can solve the problem of a community with or without the help of technology is called an Innovator

The Challenge of creating something that will help the community to solve a problem like the innovation of airplane solved the problem of travelling long distances in short span of time. Or

The Challenge of convincing the people in the community about your innovation or idea to be used/implemented. Or

The Challenge of being a social entrepreneur and solving the problems of a community without making huge money.

The University of Commons Future Summit’17 is all about a congregation of thinkers, tinkerers, activists, changemakers, storytellers, social technologists, and designers, who have a vision for what the communities of the future will look like.

Lets be the Changemaker for ownself and engage ourselves in a panel discussion led by social entrepreneurs and leaders working in the areas of public health, handicraft artisanry, social inclusion and livelihood provision, etc.

The event is starting from 1st March, Migdnight. And the Ctiizen Volinteers, Students, Faculties, Social Entrepreneurs,Corporate Employess can apply from the link below

Apply Here :


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