Well, that is now just a piece of history. In fact when you look around this god’s heaven, there aren’t approximately equal number of temples to the proportion of mosques and also the churches. But the ratio of Hindu people to other religions are less, very less.

When asked to our dear Nepalese, they have multiple perception to it; one sees the secularism to be there in our constitution, as we have to respect all the religions, while another perception was that respect is on one side but advertising about anything on the name of religion, and the third perception was that Nepal is still recognized for Buddhism or Hindu temples as the Nepali politicians give examples of them while giving speeches abroad or in the nation itself.

Varied responses and perception, but Secularism itself is a broad topic and has multi-meaning. The first one, “No political decision should be made or influence by the religion”; and the other one “Every religion should be respected in the country”.

Current situation is that people here are pressurizing the government to remove the word secularism from the constitution. I think, it is wrong to advertise about a particular religion and leaving out other. And also I believe that it is wrong to not respect the citizens of your own country, even they consist of minority in numbers belonging to other caste than Hindu.

Well it is time to sit back and think on, why would you not want to respect a Muslim religion (who contributes the highest number of farmers)? Or why would you not allow a person from minority to choose his/her own right? You think disrespecting other religions would not have effect on them, actually by doing so you are hurting their sentiment; You are actually forcing a person to change his/her religion , and this is considered as a big crime in many  developed countries like U.S.A, U.K.,Germany,etc..

Well having a constitution in this country with no secularism is a kind of irony, why wouldn’t it be irony? Literally you are forcing the minorities to change for your own good cause.  We believe that god is one but people have differentiated into religions, and those religions are formed one after; History is unknown, who knows which religion played a part in forming another? Nobody though.

We got together at the time of an earthquake to help each other, irrespective of religion. Why don’t we represent ourselves as Nepali, we have seen Muslims rubble in the temple, Hindus working or monastery.

So keep your hand on the heart and say. “Mann ta mero Nepali ho”

Forced Proselytism is not good .