Problem’s are Everyone’s Best Friend Says The Author of ‘I Am Not Nitin’


The problems a person faces is the part of his/her journey and without them journey is impossible.

So, the problems are my best friend and I try to learn from them, Says The Author

Originating from Allahabad with a degree in M.Tech, Author Nitin Srivastava started writing when he was a youngster, but the pressure and attraction in the society led him to pursue his career in engineering.

Even though engineer is his second love , his firstreal love will always remain reading philosophical books and writing non-fiction. So, that lead him to write books. It was not much difficult for him start writing after achieving so much in a field of engineering and having a settled life writing.

And the journey as an author for him has been really beautiful., says Nitin

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‘When asked about how an author can relate to an entrepreneur, Nitin said that

I actually don’t have any experience of startup. But as an author it can be said that I am also an entrepreneur and I am doing marketing of my books, promoting it and selling. It is a difficult job indeed, but you also learn many things from it.

Giving a Thought on The Society and Contribution,

Nitin said that “Every day you get up, find inspiration by listening to different personalities and learn from theme but you might not be able to differentiate between what is wrong and right or say that’s the biggest problem of our society .And as far as Indian society is concerned, it has been accumulated all the rubbish and always looked back for the answers but the life is a flow and you always have to be creative to get the solution. You have to search for the answers from present not from the past.

To All The Young Writers,

Write from their heart and not to thinking about selling. Satisfy themselves as a writer

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