The Thrust Of a Hidden Passion, What It Feels Like To Be A Student-Cum-Author?


A story of an author who states that he never shared his hidden passion with anyone, his love towards expressing emotions in form of words was not stated by him because he was afraid of the counterpart “What people will think?”

  • Name: Sravana Kumar
  • Education: Currently pursuing Bsc. physical science
  • City Of Origin: Vishakhapatnam

In an exclusive interview with him, Sravana answered few of the questions below:

Q.Please brief us about your book and the journey while writing the book?

I wrote my first book “Behind Her” on Wattpad (an online storytelling community where users post written works such as articles, stories, fan fiction, and poems) I was ecstatic as my book got 4.5k readers online and ranked in top 50 books in that period, that was something which I did not think of neither experienced it before! Many of the readers suggested to get the book published but was low on terms of finance and support from the family.

Living a simple life, attending 9 am to 4 pm lecturers is not my style. “If I don’t do it now, I will never be able to do it” It was a simple equation for me and I got my first book “Behind Her- Her voice my words” Published on 23rd February, 2017.

Q,Can you tell us about your experience as an author?

Writing a 300 page novel was never my cup of tea, so I preferred writing short stories. “BEHIND HER- HER VOICE MY WORDS is one of a kind”, a novelette in short

It was very hard to start a novelette, and even after writing a book with the same title on Wattpad, I had to change the story line to make it a commercial product. It took me nearly 6 months to craft 13200 words into a sentence which galore infinite emotions.

I was not aware of the process of being a published author. Then it took me a month to decide Self-publishing or traditional publishing, but decided to go forward with one of the best self-publishing house in India, The notion Press in Chennai.

‘Asking a 20 years old student on “what kind of impact I want on the society?” is not appropriate. But yeah I want the world without boundaries. Everyone in this world is talented or has some skill, it just needs a right time and foundation to explore’

Q.What will be your advice to the young writers out there?

Most of the writers are always let down because they feel incapable of writing long stories. I’d like to tell every writer out there that the number words and pages don’t matter but Quality does.

To buy his book, Click on the link below-

Behind Her



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