An Entrepreneurial Summarisation Of The Windies Journey


A Journey of a team that entails inspiration to sort even for the businesses!

Why am i starting  the story from  middle of the team’s journey is  beacuse  it is a perfect example of how would an entrepreneur showcase’s belief in his/her idea and then take the next step towards development.

In the middle of the windies team journey, they were not provided with tickets to board a flight to reach the match destination, so the players funded their trip and accommodation to the match venue and also believed that they win the world cup for their country.

Things we can learn as an entrepreneur is that it might take some time for the world to realize the impact of your idea and till then no one would provide you funding and you would need to go for bootstrapping, showing instances that you believe in your idea.

At the starting point of their journey, Windies team did not have a proper team because of the problem of retention of player’s contracts and the management had the form a solution in which they had to retain their contracts, they did it by making them sure of opportunities to represent West Indies in all formats of the game and also increasing their pay/due payment done.

Things we learn from the starting point of their journey is that whatever number/whoever forms a team in an organization, they (the organization) must make an effort to involve the team in majority of the decisions so that they coordinate well with the other purposive teams and also gel among themselves pretty well; this will even help the organization to retain all the team members and reduce the turnover costs, which will increase productivity for the organizational activities.



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