The Struggle and The Rise of Amber Gandotra – A Phenomenon From Jammu and Kashmir


    About half a decade ago, earning money online was a hoax that had to be true in reality sooner than later!

    Now, we are in a world where a business that is not online won’t be able to survive for long.

    As businesses have started to go online, the demand for people with skills to serve businesses help to suceed online has increased.

    Online marketing has now become one of the most valued skill for a person to have a well paid profile. It not only help businesses to have good image across the globe but also increase sales for the business.

    Here we are with a teenager on board who has helped a lot of businesses to suceed online through his skills such as website designing, affiliate marketing, SEO, and much more.

    The skills pertained by Amber Gandotra are the most valued one’s in helping business suceed online.

    Amber Gandotra hails from Jammu and Kashmir, he started his online journey  about 3 years ago and has made a lot of money through offering services that would help business to suceed online.

    He has opened a Cafe named Brewers – The Coffee Bar and a Salon named The Trends Inn Unisex Salon in Jammu.

    It’s his urge to be independent and help people in the society to get jobs or in any other way that has made the person he is today.

    Here are few things that you would need to know about Amber –

    1) Amber loves playing guitar and has been passionaite about music since his childhood.

    2) Amber is a son of a business tycoon who deals in auto parts and is an authorized dealer/distributor for companies such as Bosch, Siemens,Havells and much more across jammu and kashmir.

    3) Social media has been his favourite pass/part time activity as it not only helps Amber to acquire clients but also allows him to interact people from various cultures.
    Another favourite part time hobby of Amber has been scuba diving.

    In an exlcusive interview with Amber Gandotra,
    ‘He also revealed his affection and love towards animals , he also a dog as his pet amd spends a lot of time with him.

    He also said that his mother has played a massive role in his triumph and always acts as his best friend’.

    You can also follow Amber Gandotra on Facebook and Twitter, respectively.



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