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Souq, the largest e-commerce platform in the Arab world, is offering a huge discount on a wide range of refrigerators and freezers. If you are intending to equip yourself with upgraded cooling and freezing technology, the exciting offers on Souq are definitely worth a glance. You do not want to miss out on the breath taking offers that are in store for you. Choose from a wide selection of single door, double door, side by side, multi door, mini refrigerator, frost free and direct cool refrigerators from top brands. At Souq, shop effortlessly and get absolute value for your money.

Refrigerators are no longer just luxury items; they are now a part of our regular necessities. Can you think of a day of living without refrigerators? Are you thinking of buying a refrigerator? We understand that this is a difficult choice to make, especially since one needs to think long term while making this purchase. No matter what kind of refrigerator you are looking for, single door, double door, triple door, side by side door or bottom mounted, Souq offers you a large variety to choose from. Refrigerators are one of the few appliances, apart from television, which have become omnipresent in our daily lives. Every household needs a refrigerator or a freezer at the corner of the house. The refrigerator you buy today is going to be an integral part of your life from now on. Souq lets you avail interesting offers and deals using Souq Coupon. Visit Souq and let it help you make a wise choice and invest smartly.

Nikai 125L Single Door Refrigerator – Silver, NRF125SS

This is available on Souq for 335 AED instead of 418.95 AED, it original cost. It is the best cooling solution, especially suitable for bachelors, in hotel rooms, hostels or even in your bed room. Its frost free technology is equipped with the Auto defrost facility that stops ice from building up and preserves food longer. Its intelligently crafted shelves allow you to maximize storage space. It helps you to store large utensils with ease. It has a jumbo bottle rack as well as stabilizer free operation. So it helps you to store things with ease and, at the same time, does not have the need of an extra stabilizer.

Super General 190 Liter Refrigerator, White – SG R198H

Enjoy an enormous 27% discount on Super General 190 Liter Refrigerator, White – SG R198H. Save 241.05 AED and buy this product for 649.95 AED, exclusively on Souq. It has a built in easy Defrosting mechanism which ensures hassle free use of the refrigerator along with effective cooling. Now you no longer need to manually defrost your refrigerator. It has an extra-large vegetable storage that ensures that you never run out of space. Its smart design ensures maximum freezer space. Its large Freezer can accommodate stackable ice trays. It has a clean back which gives it a premium look and style.

Super General 170 Liter Refrigerator, White – SG R175H

Only on Souq can you get an offer as lucrative as this. Super General 170 Liter Refrigerator, White – SG R175H can be bought at an unbelievable 26% discount for 629 AED only. Souq gives you the opportunity to save 220 AED. This is classic and, at the same time, a powerful model. It is one of the most stylish, sleek and mini refrigerators available in the market. It occupies less space while offering highly well regulated performance. It assures you of an effortless performance and offers the best cooling experience with its advanced technology. It comes equipped with a 170 Liter storage capacity to store all your processed beverages and keep them fresh for days.

Nikai 150L Chest Freezer – White, NCF150N

Souq is making you an offer you cannot refuse. Buy Nikai 150L Chest Freezer – White, NCF150N at a whopping 37% discount. 786 AED is its original price but atSouq, you can buy it for 498 AED. Its 150 Litre capacity makes it suitable for a big family with 5 members or more. It has a thick insulation which ensures better cooling retention during long hours of power cuts. This single door deep freezer is a must have for you. Due to its high density insulation, this deep freezer has a very good holding time. It is compact in size and does not take up much floor space. This product guarantees that it will be the perfect aid for proper storage of frozen and perishable food.

Akai 270 Liter Upright Showcase Chiller, White/Black – SCMA270A

There is a mammoth 21% discount on Akai 270 Liter Upright Showcase Chiller, White/Black – SCMA270A. On Souq, you can buy this product for 1101.45 AED instead of its original price, 1399 AED. It is the most energy efficient, low price and efficacious solution for safe storage of food and other perishables. With a weight of just around 59 kg, the transportation of the refrigerator becomes convenient, and it can be moved around without much discomfort. It is equipped with cutting edge technology, which is built for long lasting freshness. Its easy mobility is another additional attractive feature that this product boasts of.

Midea 235 Liter Direct Cool Freezer On Top Refrigerator – HS235L

Enjoy a colossal 25% discount on Midea 235 Liter Direct Cool Freezer On Top Refrigerator – HS235L. It is only on Souq that its original price, 1049 AED, has been slashed down to 785 AED. This product is provided with an energy saving capability to cut down your electricity bills. At the same time, it is a guarantor of faster cooling of food products and other perishable items. It is loaded with multiple features, and is a must have in your kitchen! This Midea refrigerator comes with a 235 Liter capacity, and is especially suited for those who are looking for a small size refrigerator which is easy on the pocket. It is the ideal purchase for a small family size. The refrigerator is fabricated with efficient cooling system that offers optimum cooling, better performance and low cost.

You no longer need to lose sleep over warranty issues. Souqwarranty plans will assist you in covering your purchased items against problems that occur after purchase. The warranty plans cover different types of problems such as malfunctions, drops or spills. Apart from 1 year official warranty, Souq has special warranty options which you can choose from while making your purchase.

Souq aims at being customer friendly. Hence, you do not need to worry about difficulties related to payment, refund or return of products. Shopping has never been easier. Souqprovides free shipping for all products with price above 100 AED. You do not need to trouble yourself over delivery charges. Sit back and relax while Souq delivers your product at the earliest. Pay online or pay in cash, or use the handy Souq.com wallet, as per your convenience. Souq assures you that if the product you receive is damaged, defective, counterfeit or not as described on the website, the product can be returned to Souq within 15 days of its delivery.






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