Top 6 Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now (June 2018)


When Amazon Prime was first launched a decade ago, it was just a move from Amazon to give free shipping and discounts to their loyal customers. Amazon consistently added many perks as they have grabbed a mammoth subscriber base. Today Amazon Prime Instant Video is one of the features in Amazon Prime membership which gives access to tons of TV shows and thousands of movies. Their library is huge and it’s not so easy to find the best movies. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of best movies on Amazon Prime which you can watch right now. Also check out the free unblocked movie




If you love watching movies like Taxi Driver and Network then you must check out Nightcrawler. It’s a directorial debut of Dan Gilroy. This is a story of a ambitious sociopath who lands up in a job of the stringer. The story passes through many thrilling and dark moments where the lead character’s ambitiousness leads to many malpractices. Jake Gyllenhaal works as a freelance cameraman for the local news stations. He provides the footage of arrests, wrecks, accidents, murders etc for the daily morning coverage. Nightcrawler is one of the best thriller films released in this decade.


Chopping Mall


Chopping Mall is not the latest movie. But we included it in this list because it is so underrated! It was released in the 80s and was quite controversial due to over nudity. Chopping Mall is an exciting B-movie with some great electronic score of the 80s. It has numerous scary as well as funny moments. Midnight is the best time to watch this movie.




This movie is an adaption of a Pulitzer winning play written by August Wilson. Fences portray the slow collapse of a man. Troy Maxson was a popular baseball athlete whose career was abruptly ended just before the prestigious Major League Baseball tournament. When the film begins, he lives with his wife and works as a garbageman. The story revolves around how he chips away from the life. It’s a great story narrated in a powerful way! It’s definitely worth watching!


A Ghost Story


The base of the story seems a bit silly or simple. The whole movie is about mourning about death. C died in a car accident and his soul wanders in the hospital for the whole film running time. It’s quite melancholic. A Ghost Story is certainly a different movie and offers unique cinematic experience. The cinematography of this film is brilliant and apt for the emotional content. Though the plot is simple, the emotions are beautifully captured. You can also download this movie using kickass proxy list




Ronan’s act as a Ladybird was well appreciated by the film critics and audience. It’s Greta Gerwig’s expression of love to Sacramento which is her hometown. Ladybird is all about a girl who eagerly wants a scenery change in New York City. Her mother is overprotective and overbearing. They are always short of money. The rift between two brings out some hard to bear truths. Ronan’s first love, angst and other teenage emotions will definitely make you feel nostalgic. If you are seeking for a different movie watch Ladybird on Amazon Prime.




This film spans over a week of time in the life of Paterson who is working as a bus driver. This drama is directed by eccentric director Jarmusch. This film explores the meaning and underlying beauty in the mundane events of life. Paterson lives with his crazy wife and a dog in Paterson neighbourhood. He leads a pretty simple life. He is just a bus driver who is interested in listening to the passenger’s conversations. He writes poetry in his free time. He’s not interested in sharing it with the world. This is the core plot of the movie. It’s pretty simple but certainly poetic. It’s a worth watch movie for those who love imagery, poetry and simplicity.
















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