Adopting the Theory of Change, a Move Towards the Social Change -University of Commons


Changing your actions and believing in yourself are the main factors in the process of thinking to change the world.

In Majority of cases, an event is precedent to a person’s thinking to change/disrupt the world through his/her ideas.

An annual summit in which all the people around India get together with the objective of discussing ideas that would help in solving problems and to improve communities across sectors, including technology, social inclusion, education, agriculture, solid waste management, climate change, participatory governance, micro finance, sustainability and allied areas.

In 2015, a group of young and experienced people got really excited about engaging people to think on their future. They started the drive by requesting people from different apartment societies to segregate their waste and donate their dry waste to a local recycling center.

The group went on having discussion on farmer’s struggle and other tales regarding poverty. Fascinated by the massiveness of the challenge, we ridiculed the idea of a single change-making institute. We thought we need many institutes to come together to make a real dent in the grand scheme of things. Hence, the University of Commons took shape, as a desire to explore more and make space for many new schools and many kinds of schools.

An event conducted by Mindtree and the University of Commons, they aim is to create better, responsive, and inclusive societies by bringing the old and young minds together on one platform.

The summit invites applications from students, faculty members from colleges across the country; neighborhood volunteer initiatives and social entrepreneurs to present their theory of change. Applications need to be routed through the four departments of University of Commons.

With the support from Christ University’ entrepreneurship cell and other social enterprises, The University of Commons aims to engage people to think on topics which would help the whole nation to counter the problems and move towards being a satisfied nation.




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