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Q1.Why would you write for Us?

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The question rolls all over and answer’s uncovered , but wait we have got some points for you that will give an answer to this question-
A) You must have an inspiration but are not famous enough, Why not do something for them? Why not write about their inherent qualities that inspire you and make them famous?
B) One man has well said” Fear of Violence or threat should not be an excuse as justification for the less usage of freedom of expression”, so why not make this as a start-step to express your ideas and opinions without any intervention.
C) Well, How about interviewing the one who inspires you and write about them? Isn’t this interesting?

So a great opportunity awaits of you, come join hands and be the helping hand of bringing the change.
You must be intelligent enough to do this, because being Socialists isn’t too mainstream.

Q2. How to get your writings Published?
Contact- Youths Era

Q3. What is the word Length ?
200-400 Words for Categories like “The Entrepreneurship” and “Inspiroedia”
70-100 Words for Category “Start-Dred”