Glaze To An Art – Pigs


Think of those amazing art works that just looks as though it’s going to peel right off and sweep your mind off to another dimension. Now think of the possible struggles the artists, let alone a startup has to face in Nepal. That is just what we can see from the story behind the ‘Pigs10625165_709009029168288_5337417569534459658_n

Started by two friends Ismriti Purja and Sharave Gurung. The journey of the ‘Pigs’ originally started off at 2013 right after completing their ‘A’ Level. Before being known for their handicraft and brilliant artwork- they sure have endured a long journey to get where they are in their entrepreneurship.

Their first venture: Piston Motorcycle Club specialized in Royal Enfield. Unfortunately, after just one year into their venture, their business took a nose dive with a lack of finance and miscommunication amongst partners.


However, one day their library teacher of Kings College noticed their art work. Their fascination and insistence of making a paper basket would later become the reason why they got back their zeal for arts and crafts.. Slowly and surely, people were realizing just what their talent was capable of.

The 28th of November, 2014 marked the day when Pigs came into existence officially as a fresh venture. Curiously, this name doesn’t signify gluttony of any sort. It’s simply the team’s initials spelled backwards.

From drawing portraits of teachers and friends to doing designs on helmets using spray brush – it all soon lead to being displayed on local online shopping websites such as Kaymu and Hamrobazar.


It wasn’t surprising how they were slowly gaining recognition and they had no intentions of slowing down.

Their beautiful creations were religiously updated via their Facebook page and Instagram. Soon after, they got their first ‘wall’ call from one of the cafes at Boudha to cover their walls with art.

But then it got to a point where the question kept popping itself of whether or not art was going to pay the bills at end of the day. Their next big wall art assignment at the Utopia cafe located at Ekantakuna was just the victory they needed to head on for making countless walls of cafes, schools and colleges their masterpieces.  

Perhaps their story can help us understand why many artists of Nepal often wash their hands off their talent, because not everyone knows the ultimate price of success- and that is facing failures.

What did the Pigs inspire in you? How much of an extra mile would you go for your passion?



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