5 Question For An Aspiring Entrepreneur


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Q1) Are you a person who runs behind a solution or the one who just walks along with the problem?

The one who runs behind the solution is an entrepreneurial product but the one who walks with a problem, better get a job to sustain and get experienced enough to run behind it.

Q2)  Are you comfortable with spending less on your living and more at developmimages (2)ent of you passion?

One has to sacrifice in present for a better future and when you invest in developing your passion, you certainly have a better future. An Entrepreneur always invests in development of their passion, sacrificing the present for a better future.

Q3) Are you a person who believes in experience or instinct?

An Entrepreneur will always take decision through thorough analysis and also
wants to have a team filled with experiences. A Successful Entreprise will always launch a product/service after proper feedback of the market on the previous product and reaction on the new product ..


Q4)  Would you like to stick to one product that’s worth development for the market or you like to be creative and try things every day?

When you think that one product is worth a huge development in the market, it’s better to be committed towards it and think of processes of developing that product. An Entrepreneur will always stick to a thing that deserves development of the market, they are the one which help you to survive in the market.

Q5) Are you an extrovert or the one who shy’s away from the main world?

Extroversion is an obvious asset for entrepreneurs constantly stumping for capital or customers. Those low on extroversion should be mindful t
hat their reserve may be misinterpreted as unfriendliness or arrogance.hqdefault


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