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Bored of going to the same mainstream restaurants for the kitty with your ladies? Whether you’re willing to drop a few bucks for a prime-time reservation at a buzzy new restaurant or to pick out your exact table at a fine dining place or get a last-minute table at a discount?

Gone are the days when planning a birthday or even a romantic date required so much effort, time and money. KittyQueens do all your bookings as per your requirements at the most reasonable price.  You get the best local deals at area restaurants, tapas bars, breweries and cafes in a few clicks and swipes. It’s easy to use and will give you a chance to hone in  only the best deals of the day — everything is vetted by deal experts so you don’t have to worry about fake deal alerts. Check out their combos at each restaurant which you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

From pre-fixed menus to deep discounts on a single meal, this women run web portal can help you find package deals on dinner and drinks in a flash. So whether you’re coordinating an intimate date or a pull-out-all-the-stops birthday bash, nobody can stop you from becoming the “queen” of your “kitty” now!

In an exclusive talk with KittyQueens founder Nalini Datta (with an education qualification upto Post Graduate,was born in Ludhiana, Punjab, settled in Delhi after marriage, Kittyqueens has its origin in Delhi) she stated questions om her endeavour and the impact she wants to have on the society through the interview,

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Q. Please brief us about your Endeavour, and your journey towards it?

Ans –
KittyQueens is a web portal which helps people to book tables at a restaurant and also purchase/customize a menu to host a party in a restaurant . It was originally conceived as a women oriented portal,  later its horizons were widened to include all the genders.
 There are three types of parties / menus you can purchase on our portal, viz:
• Kitty party : Only women can purchase these menus. These menus are not available for men at all. Women of all age groups can book here.
• Youth Hangouts : This was basically created for hangouts of young crowd, but any age group of any gender can avail this.
• A La Carte’ : Here Normal menus of the restaurants are available. Anybody can book a table and choose a normal menu of the restaurant here.
 You can click and choose the menus.
 Bill is generated.
 Payment gateway has been implemented. There are two payment options available;One is full payment, where you can make full payments. In the second option, you can make advance payment of Rs.500.00 to book your table after selecting the menu.

The Journey
My journey as a co-founder has been very exciting, It has given me challenges and I have loved every moment of it. I am a foodie and love tasting foods at every new place, I can! I had an entrepreneurial bent of mind since the beginning of my career and to blend the thrust of entrepreneurship,I supported and worked  in my husband’s ventures .  I was conceiving the KittyQueens idea in my thought process and was passionate to implement it.;And then one day, I brought it on paper and a friend of mine Jayender Sahu  helped me to sort technicalities. He has been a mentor to me and a perfect guide to shape this idea!. I borrowed money from my husband and hired professionals to code the portal, and in the meantime, I visited numerous restaurants to explain my project to them and request them to be onboard. Some agreed but some were apprehensive. But I continued. I was alone  looking at all the aspects of the business
Now I am looking to market the product aggressively. People are liking it. I am happy for this, but still miles to go, before I rest.

Q. Can you tell us about your experience in the startup arena?
Ans- So far so good. It had not been easy though. I am a woman. It is a typical world for women entrepreneur. There is a lot being said about support provided by different support groups. But ground reality is different. We are still dwelling in the world of elitism. You have to be somebody’s someone to get that support. Support from govt. agencies is almost nonexistent. Then there are private initiatives, but to reach them, you first have to reach somewhere. I mean, there are angel networks, there are Facebook groups, there is NASSCOM, but there is lot of herd mentality everywhere. I attended a few startup events also, but truly speaking I could not gain anything from them.
Q. Were there any huge problems you faced in your journey, and how did you solve them?
Ans- Not really. I did face problems and facing them right now also. But you need passion, grit, focus and lot of hard work, to be in the startup world. If you have this, no problem is that big. The biggest problem is funds. Till now, I am managing with my kitty. I am not wishing to go for an investor. At one point, I was depressed, due to lack of funds, but then I arranged for a loan. Now I feel, Kitty Queens is my baby and I am its mother. This attitude automatically doesn’t let any problem becoming too huge.
Q. What is the kind of impact you want on the society?
Ans- KittyQueens is dedicated to all the Women out there, who are independent, free thinkers and have enough courage to take on this world. To those women who had started the Kitty Party concept and to those restaurants who understood the need & catered for this segment. is a service provider which intends to bring them to a common platform & regularise this sector, which will be helpful to both, the women as well as the restaurants. Apart from that it will be saving critical resources in terms of precious time & avoid wastage of food, which a country like India won’t be able to afford.
Though the name is KittyQueens, but we believe that our success lies in the future, when a group of men book a kitty party as KittyQueens, for that is the change we want in our society and for that is what defines a true Gentleman.
Started by women, who had worked very hard to solve a real world problem, which many women face, it is an effort, where we also invite men to be a part of our journey in pursuit of a life, where equals party together.

Q. What will be your advice to the young entrepreneur out there?
Ans- The young entrepreneurs must understand that entrepreneurship is not a 9 to 5 job. It requires total dedication & focus. There is no substitute to hard work. It requires three things to start your own, viz: 100% time, 100% energy & 100% focus. If you bring these three, money will follow.


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