Something You Can't Share To Close One's, But You Share it Here-


Imagine, that family problem you woke up with, that feeling that nothing is going as you wanted, being unsure about what you want to do and what you should do. All these problems, all this confusion being withdrawn from your mind by making you feel better about yourself and bringing you back to your senses. Imagine, having someone at your call, to be that guiding light who can clear all the clouds surrounding your better judgement.

My Problem Is, is a platform which provides certain solutions to the life problems of students, It’s not about solving some economic problems neither the environmental problems, it’s about solving your personal problems that will make you feel happy.

As an user, you need to sign up on our platform and the site links you to counsellors. You can then check the, the ratings or the qualifications of the counsellor. Once you like him/her, you click on the chat button and we connect you with the counsellor directly. It is as easy as chatting with your high school crush..

They went live at Christ University, Bangalore as a part of their service trial and also got overwhelming response on their service.

They are currently working on advertising partnerships and alternate business models so that they can make this service completely free for students without compromising the benefit of the counsellors.